"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"

- Aesop -



Geld inzamelen |

Update: 06/11/2017


The support has been generous from all the different companies and efforts around Netherlands that has been helping to make our initiative possible in regards to our Relief Aid for St. Maarten.


Our strategic planning was to postpone until the 60 day mark before shipping the goods as it would be easier to identify those that are in the most need as well as thoroughly align our efforts on the island seeing that the infrastructure is apparently weak and distribution efforts is a huge task on its own.

*With that said we are at our mark and ready to ship which is were your financial support is needed and will be appreciated. All proceed will be used for the shipping and handing of all the goods collected.


Within the last 45 days we have collected, sorted, packed and tagged a few thousand pieces of new and limited used clothing. We have also received charity donations from a few Netherlands food and water distribution companies such as “Bidfood” (former known as DeliXL) not excluding almost 1000kg of rice from Lassie NL.

We are proud to say that through all the efforts we are at approximately + 10.000 kg of bulked water and dry food, deemed for charity use only!!!


By clicking here you will be directed to our crowdfunding link. Please help us challenge everyone in your social network to donate with their heart how ever much they can afford.


For supporters outside the Netherland