About us

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”

- Plato -

Mission Vision Aim


Mission message

During this time of sadness after the devastation of Hurricane Irma that destroyed the majority of homes on the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin we are using all our resources and preparing to ship clean clothes to those that are at most in need.


Pro-active efforts of great volumes have been initiated by several organizations. We urge all to support which ever organize you chose and encourage to give generously for St. Maarten needs your prayers and support.

Visionary positioning


Mission message

From a selfless perspective, the focused responsibility and visionary outlook of this organization’s projections is to clothe, providing a sense of personal security and confidence to all affected.

Families that are exposed to poor living conditions and continued life threatening circumstances are

greater than 60% of the population in terms figures. Therefore making the road to (full) recovery, an intense and devoted commitment.


Strategic aim


Vigorously aiming to have clothe 1% - 2% of the population for every 1000pcs of clothing/garments/textiles donated and with your contributions we can accomplish greater percentages within record time as time is of the essence.


The individual involvement from the general public where everyone would consider donating at least one (1) piece of clothing will have such a tremendous valuable impact for those that are left with absolutely nothing.